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9/12/2020 The Vintage Collection The Black Series

This past week was filled with lots of news and updates here on J.B. In case you've missed some of the announcements, here is an overview of what happened in the world of Star Wars action figure collecting this past week. 

We found out that the San Diego Comic Con exclusive Star Wars action figures from Hasbro will go on sale exclusively on on September 24th at 12pm EST, but if you have a premium membership you can already get your hands on them a day before on September 23rd at 12pm EST. The figures which will be available exclusivesly are the Black Series Wampa, the Black Series Heroes Of Endor multipack and the Vintage Collection 501st Arc Trooper 3-pack. You can look at the press images here

Gamestop made their next Gaming Greats Black Series exclusive action figure available for pre-order. The figure is Darth Nihilus from the Knights Of The Old Republic video game, it costs $24.99 and ships around October 29th. You can pre-order it on the Gamestop website

There were lots of updates here on, in particular you can now find an article about the Target online exclusive Vintage Collection Smuggler's Run Millennium Falcon in the features section. The article gives you a look at the parts list, features of the ship, a look at the included figures and a comparison to the original Legacy Collection Millennium Falcon vehicle. 

The new site section for the Black Series 6" figures went live last week, but there are new additions this week with Ezra Bridger, Chopper and ZEB from the Star Wars: Rebels line-up. The older Black Series 6" section saw new additions with Hondo Ohnaka, DJ R-3X and the Mountain Trooper

The Disney ToyBox site section got a new addition this week with Jango Fett. This was the 17th single carded figure in the line-up with two more teased on the back of the packaging (an unknown trooper and likely the Mandalorian). 

The Vintage Collection saw two new additions this week with Hondo Ohnaka and Chewbacca from The Smuggler's Run Millennium Falcon vehicle. 

There are some images floating around on social media of people having received the Bespin Carbon Freezing Chamber from The Vintage Collection. The set looks much nicer with lights underneath which should make a lot of people happy. The included Stormtrooper figure on a single card was revealed to be VC171. There are also in-hand images floating around online of people having received the next wave of Vintage Collection figures which gave us a first look at the included ARC Trooper Fives figure on a single card. 

This is it for this week of Star Wars action figure news! 

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