Changes Coming To Hasbro Pulse

8/14/2020 Hasbro Pulse

Hasbro announced today that there are changes coming to their collector-focused shopping portal Hasbro Pulse. Details are still vague but we know that Hasbro Pulse will implement a loyalty program for Hasbro Pulse premium members. Here are some details:

  • Get Rewards just by having a Hasbro Pulse account
  • Tiered Program based on how you much spend, or you can buy your way to the next tier up front – your choice!
  • Exclusive access to sweepstakes, products and content
  • And... access to more epic perks throughout the year!

The changes won't take effect until later in the year, so currently an existing Hasbro Pulse membership stays unchanged. Past perks with a Hasbro Pulse Premium membership included free shipping and early line access at conventions for exclusive show products. We are looking forward to learning more, and as always, stay tuned to J.B. for all your Star Wars action figure needs!

There are changes coming to Hasbro Pulse

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