Galaxy's Edge Is Heading To Target!

7/21/2020 The Vintage Collection The Black Series Galaxy's Edge

The official website announced this morning that a variety of Galaxy's Edge themed merchandise was heading exclusively to Target and on August 30th. Of interest to all of us here is of course the announcement of an exclusive Black Series 6" Captain Cardinal action figure along with a Black Series 6" DJ R-3X. In addition to the two Black Series 6" figures also revealed that the Millennium Falcon, the most-requested vehicle from the 3 3/4" line, would finally be re-released! 

Captain Cardinal and DJ R-3X will cost $24.99 each, it's a first-time release for Captain Cardinal, but DJ R-3X is a re-release of the DJ R-3X figure from 2019. The Millennium Falcon will come with three containers, Hondo Ohnaka, Chewbacca and six Porgs along with two radar dishes, one based on the round design from the Original Trilogy and one square design from the Sequel Trilogy. It's unclear if the electronics in the ship were updated with phrases spoken during the Smuggler's Run Disney Theme Park attraction. The Falcon will cost $399. 

Unforunately Target mishandled the pre-orders for those items yet again. Just like the pre-order disaster for the first wave of Retro Collection figures, the figures and the ship were just randomly added to the website without giving fans an opportunity to be ready at a specific time and date. It's also unclear at what Target stores those items will be available, will they be at every Target store or only the Target stores which have a Disney in-store experience? We've reached out to Disney and Target and will report back when they provide answers. 

You can look at the announcement on, and look at the sold-out pre-orders on the Target website

Vintage Collection Millennium Falcon

Vintage Collection Millennium Falcon

Vintage Collection Millennium Falcon

Black Series Cardinal

Black Series DJ 3-RX

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