The Amazing Echo Base Diorama From 1985

5/24/2020 Kenner The Empire Strikes Back

Here are two diorama pictures of Echo Base which includes the hangar and the trench on the front. Those pictures were taken on September 9th, 1985 at a department store called Hertie in Munich, Germany. During the Summer of 1985 Kenner toured with their Star Wars line through Germany from city to city and set up display areas with several huge dioramas at department stores. Unfortunately the pictures were taken on the last day when they had already begun to take the displays down. Some of the other diorama's included Jabba's Palace, the Emperor's Arrival and the forest moon of Endor with several Ewok villages set up next to each other. 

When you look closely you can see Kenner's Jabba's Dungeon playset painted silver and glued onto the wall. One of the Snowspeeders, an X-Wing Fighter and parts of the Y-Wing were also spray-painted silver. Some of the figures were also slightly repainted, Hoth Han for example was given grey pants. There are also lots of other greeblies found on the hangar walls. 

If anybody has more information about Kenner's department store tour from 1985 through Germany please reach out. 

Kenner Hoth Diorama 1985

Kenner Hoth Diorama 1985

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