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5/20/2020 The Vintage Collection

Fellow Star Wars Vintage Collection fans, let's see how many of you really want more 3.75" Vintage Collection figures! In a joint effort with other fan sites a new petition has been created on for you to sign!

This is it. If you are unhappy with the current situation for 3.75" figures, then sign the petition and show Hasbro that there is indeed a big following for The Vintage Collection. If you want more background about this movement, look at our article which asked for more Vintage Collection figures, and our article from back in January 2020 where we talked about the need for a supplemental 5POA line for The Vintage Collection, because there weren't enough new figures being made.

So this is your chance to make your voice heard, Hasbro does visit here, and they will hear of this petition! If this movement is a success (fingers crossed!) great, if it isn't, that's great too because then we can put this topic to rest and move on. Now, let's support this and sign your name!

Star Wars The Vintage Collection Petition


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