Custom Kenner-Style Mandalorian Figures

5/17/2020 Custom The Mandalorian

Here is an update from Bobaluga Studios and a look at their limited run of custom made Kenner-style Mandalorian figures. They are currently offering two different versions, a regular Mandalorian (version 1), and a Mandalorian with Beskar armor shoulder bell (version 2). The figures come with a blaster, a blaster rifle and a soft-goods cape.  

The cape has a magnet on the inside which allows for the blaster rifle to be mounted on the outside (the rifle has a small paper clip on it), how cool is that!?! The creativity of the fan community never seizes to amaze, look at the detail sculpted into the figure and look at the small "scratches" and "dents" painted onto the armor. The figures even have a functional holster! Below are some comparison pictures. 

Custom Mandalorian FigureLeft: version 1, right: version 2 (silver shoulder bell)

Custom Mandalorian FigureLook at the working holster, the soft-goods cape, blaster and blaster rifle

Custom Mandalorian FigureHere is a scale comparison of TVC Mail-Away Boba from 2010 and the custom-made Mandalorian

Custom Mandalorian FigureHere is a comparison of the custom-made Child and the Mandalorian

Thank you to Bobaluga Studios for providing those figures for free to, they turned out great!

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