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5/15/2020 The Vintage Collection

There is a community movement on social media, spearheaded with an article by, to fight for The Vintage Collection 3.75" line. The article examines a variety of reasons why there is a lack of support on retail shelves for The Vintage Collection and why we only see a handful of new 3 3/4" figures per year from Hasbro. Whether you agree with the assessment by BanthaSkull or not, it should still be obvious that collecting The Vintage Collection isn't much fun anymore these days, because we are starved for N E W figures

In early January of this year we published this article (go read it, it took a long time to write!), which made the case for a basic, limited articulation Star Wars action figure line to supplement The Vintage Collection, because for 3 3/4" fans the lack of new figures in TVC and the support from Hasbro for The Rise Of Skywalker in TVC was disappointing. The cancellation of the basic 5POA movie toy line last year for TROS revealed just how many figures were missing in The Vintage Collection, figures like Finn, Poe (regular costume), dark Rey, Jannah, Ben Solo, Clone Emperor, Leia, Lando, Force Ghost Luke/Leia, Luke and Leia training etc...  it's a long list.

With such a limited amount of new figures per year in The Vintage Collection, it will get more and more difficult to catch up with characters as time goes on, because Lucasfilm will continue to release new media content (hello season 2 of The Mandalorian!)

The figures, vehicles and playsets which Hasbro has released since 2018 in The Vintage Collection are fantastic, but there aren't enough new figures coming our way. Without The Vintage Collection product on store shelves (local north Seattle, WA stores like Target/Walmart had mostly empty shelves since Triple Force Friday last October), kids won't get to pick their favorite characters, and they won't grow up with 3 3/4" Star Wars toys. Once those kids grow older and have a disposable income, they won't feel nostalgic about 3 3/4" Star Wars figures, and they likely won't collect those figures in their adulthood or even scope them out for their own children. 

The 3.75" toy line offers a 40+ year history of world building, aliens, background characters, a plethora of figures from the movies, tv shows, expaned universe, novels, comic books and video games. The scale is perfect for children and grown collectors alike, they are the right size for kids to pick up and play, and they are the right size to display on a shelf as well. 

As mentioned in the article from back in January, you can make the argument that the sales numbers aren't there (Rogue One Tank hit clearance at $10 at Five Below, the Skiff was found for $9 etc... and wave one from 2018 is still sitting on shelves at some locations), or you can make the argument that kids aren't that much into figures these days anymore because of iPads and other media distractions. However, we think it's our duty to stand with the community and point out to Hasbro that fans are hungry for new figures, actually we are not just hungry for new figures we are literally starved for new figures from The Vintage Collection

What's The Goal And What To Do?

The goal of this article is to raise awareness and that's why we join in this fight. Let Hasbro see that you want more NEW The Vintage Collection figures moving forward. We ask that anyone with a social media account use the hashtag #FightForTVC in every social media post they make, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or wherever. Be sure to tag Disney, Lucasfilm, and Hasbro when doing so on whichever platform you are using, which will also make them aware. Do this every time you post. It doesn't work if you just do it once and then walk away. If the community truly has the passion for The Vintage Collection the only way to help is to be active, and stay active. So start posting and use #FightForTVC in your posts!

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Fight For The Vintage Collection

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