Star Wars Black Series Archive Fan Vote On Hasbro Pulse

5/15/2020 The Black Series

Hasbro Pulse has announced the finalists for the next round of voting for The Black Series 6" Archive line. We helped in the early stages to pick the figures along with a small number of other fan sites, but now we are on the final stretch to find out what figure will be re-released in 2021 (and might get updated with photo real if applicable). The finalists are: 

As you can see, the final figures are almost exactly what you all voted for here on the website, with the exception of Ahsoka and the 501st Clone Trooper. Make sure to make your voice heard on Hasbro Pulse, you can vote once every 24 hours until May 29th, 12pm EST. The winner will be announced sometime in June 2020. 

Black Series Fan Vote 2020


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