The Black Series 6" Tie Fighter 2014 Vs. 2020

5/11/2020 The Black Series The Empire Strikes Back

The brand new Black Series Tie Fighter Pilot from Hasbro's 40th Anniversary Collection is just now hitting fan's doorsteps, and you might have been wondering what the differences are between both releases. In short, the new 2020 figure is a slight repaint of the 2014 Tie Fighter Pilot. We still get a blaster and a functioning holster, along with tubes which can be unplugged from the helmet. The chestbox, just like on the 2014 version is not removable and there is no head underneath the helmet. 

The 2020 Black Series Tie Fighter pilot has a slightly differently painted chest box. Instead of black it now has red dots on the chestbox and the blue buttons are a lighter shade of blue. 

Black Series Tie Fighter Pilot

There are also slight paint differences on the blaster, the new version is more detailed with a grey/silver barrel, the old blaster was simply black.

Black Series Tie Fighter Pilot

Another difference are the colors on the communicator buttons. In the close-up picture they look sloppily painted on both figures, but that's not a detail which the naked eye catches on to.

Black Series Tie Fighter Pilot

For the full photo gallery and figure information of the new 2020 Black Series Tie Fighter pilot have a look at the database entry please.

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