Kenner Star Wars Action Figure Magnets

4/3/2020 Kenner

We've seen quite a few Kenner Star Wars action figure inspired products over the past few years, and now you can add the Star Wars Funky Chunky magnets by Aquarius to that list as well. They will release 14 magnets which will feature the original twelve figures and two Star Wars logo magnets. Each magnet costs $5.99 and they are expected to ship to fans in May 2020.

It's unclear where the images for the magnets came from, but some figures have their weapons while others don't, and some figures like R2-D2 have seen better days as well. Either way, it's still great fun to see love for what Kenner started back in 1978 and it's a fun way to decorate your fridge. You can pre-order them through Entertainment Earth (sponsored) here:

Kenner Star Wars Magnets

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