Changes Within The Hasbro Star Wars Team

3/18/2020 Hasbro

Word has reached us today that there are several changes happening within the Hasbro Star Wars team. 

  • After 43 fantastic years creating some of the most iconic Star Wars toys and vehicles Mark Boudreaux will be retiring. His work has had a tangible impact on the Star Wars universe and been formative in creating the Hasbro Star Wars brand we know today.
  • Chris Reiff will be joining the Hasbro Star Wars design team as an Associate Principal Designer. With experience in the industry and extensive knowledge of the Star Wars galaxy, including working professionally on Star Wars for 25 years, Hasbro is thrilled to have someone of Chris’ caliber join the team.
  • Product Design Manager, Sam Smith will be moving off the Star Wars brand. After a successful tenure with Hasbro Star Wars, Sam will remain in the Hasbro family and lend his talents to a number of Hasbro action brands.
  • Vickie Stratford, Senior Director of Product Design, will continue her role as design lead on the brand.

We'd like to say thank you to Mark Boudreaux and Sam Smith for all the work they have put into the Star Wars action figure lines, and for the time they have spent giving us interviews to bring background information about figures to our readers. Happy retirement Mr. Boudreaux and MTFBWY Sam! 

Changes to the Hasbro Star Wars Team

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