The Child "Baby Yoda" - Custom Made

3/7/2020 Custom

The Child a.k.a. "Baby Yoda" caught everybody by surprise, including Hasbro and every licensee which can make Star Wars toys based on The Mandalorian. Toy Fair 2020 in New York City had a ton of previews for up-coming Baby Yoda products, but in the meantime while we all wait some skilled fans have begun to create their own custom made versions. 

One of those custom-made The Child products can be acquired through Bobaluga Studios where very limited runs of figures are being 3D printed and hand painted. This version of Baby Yoda stands about 1.2" (about 3cm) short and is sculpted in a Kenner-style. Here are some pictures. 

Baby Yoda

Here is a picture with the Black Series 6" Mandalorian carrying the custom Child.

Baby Yoda

Here is a picture of The Black Series 6" Mandalorian, The Vintage Collection Mandalorian and the custom made The Child for size comparison.

Baby Yoda

Thank you to Bobaluga Studios for reaching out and sending the cute little guy this way!

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