The Top 10 Vintage Collection Figures Of 2019

12/28/2019 The Vintage Collection

Welcome to our look at The Vintage Collection's TOP 10 figures for 2019. You can look at every Vintage Collection action figure released here: Star Wars Vintage Collection. Hasbro released an unusually large quantity of Jabba's Palace action figures this year to go with the HasLab Sail Barge vehicle. They also released a lot of Luke Skywalker 3.75" figures in 2019, which together with Jabba's Palace figures dominate this year's top picks.

#10 Lando Calrissian

Lando Calrissian from SOLO: A Star Wars Story made our TOP 10 for 2019! The figure came with a removable cape, a removable scarf and a blaster. You can read the review and take a look at the full photo gallery here: TVC Lando Calrissian.

Vintage Collection Lando Calrissian

#9 Klaatu

This version of Klaatu was the first re-do of this particular Klaatu character since 1999 (you can look at all the Klaatu figures here) and it turned out great. The timing for this figure was perfect because it was released at about the same time Jabba's Sail Barge came out.

Vintage Collection Klaatu

#8 Vedain

Vedain, who drove the prisoner Skiff in Return Of The Jedi during the Battle Of Carkoon, was finally released by Hasbro in The Vintage Collection in 2019. Not only did the figure turn out great but the 3-pack which this figure was a part of, looked amazing too.

Vintage Collection Klaatu

#7 Klatooinian Raider

The Mandalorian TV series on Disney+ is great so far, and we are hopeful that Hasbro will release an on-slaught of figures from the show in the Vintage Collection in 2020. So far Hasbro has only released one action figure and that is the Klatooinian Raider which was packed-in together with the AT-ST Raider vehicle. The figure looks fantastic, the only thing which could have made this release better was if Hasbro had released it on a single card inside the AT-ST Raider box.Vintage Collection Klatooinian Raider

#6 Luke Skywalker (Stormtrooper Disguise)

2019 was the year when Hasbro finally got Luke Skywalker (in Stormtrooper Disguise) right. The figure was shortened to be shorter than Han Solo, it was updated with the photo real face printing tech, and it came with the correct belt which has the grappling hook on the back. The included Stormtrooper blaster also fits well into the holster and doesn't stick away from the body anymore like on previous versions. Let's hope that Hasbro will release this figure single carded in the future.

Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper

#5 Zorii Bliss

We didn't get a lot of new characters in the Vintage Collection from The Rise Of Skywalke, and seeing a new character represented in The Vintage Collection is always great. The figure looks cool and mysterious and is a great addition to the collection. 

Vintage Collection Zorii Bliss

#4 Knight Of Ren

Even though the Knights Of Ren were severely under-used in The Rise Of Skywalker, they still look cool and hopefully Hasbro will make all six of them. This figure here is simply called Knight Of Ren on the packaging, but the Star Wars Visual Dictionary for The Rise Of Skywalker revealed that the name is Ap'Lek. 

Vintage Collection Knight Of Ren

#3 Yak Face

The last Yak Face 3.75" figure was released by Hasbro in 1997, almost 23 years ago at this point (have a look at all the Yak Face figures released), and this version of the character turned out great. 

Vintage Collection Yak Face

#2 Stormtrooper (Rogue One)

This Stormtrooper can be considered the best looking Stormtrooper figure from the Original Trilogy as of 2019. A great troop-builder figure and the J.B. pick for second spot of 2019.

Vintage Collection Stormtrooper

#1 Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight)

Luke Skywalker (Jedi Knight) is our top pick for 2019! This figure is based on Luke Skywalker's appearance in the first half of Return Of The Jedi. It's superior to every Luke Jedi figure which has come before it, Hasbro gave Luke the correct soft-goods robe, they implemented the photo real face printing tech and gave Luke an entirely new head as well. The robe in particular lies nicely on top of the head without leaving a big gap. It's a great figure all around and the perfect addition to any Jabba's Palace or Sail Barge display.

Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight

For a complete look at Hasbro's 3.75" Vintage Collection have a look here: The Vintage Collection.

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