Haslab Vintage Collection Razor Crest Features And Price?

12/16/2019 The Vintage Collection The Mandalorian

No, Hasbro has not announced a new Haslab project for the Razor Crest vehicle, but they should because The Mandalorian on Disney+ is phenomenal.

For the 3.75" Vintage Collection Hasbro has only released the AT-ST Raider with Klatooniaan Raider figure so far, and we are still waiting for the main character and other awesome sidekicks from the series to be released in 2020. Even though we've seen cool new vehicles such as the speeder bikes on Tatooine, the spaceship from the opening scene in chapter 5 or the Gunship at the end of chapter 6, it was the Mandalorian's Razor Crest was a big part of every episode in season one and has become a fan favorite. 

We've become quite familiar with the Razor Crest already, there are a lot of cockpit scenes, we've seen baby Yoda's hiding spot in the closet/bedroom, the weapon locker has been opened a few times, we've seen the carbonite block storage and the small carbon freezing chamber, along with the bathroom. We also know that the Razor Crest has a ramp in the back and two doors with ramps coming down on each side. We've seen the side cannons and the landing gear and we've become familiar with the interior, we know there is all kinds of netting hanging down from the ceiling, we know where the Mandalorian keeps his rifle and where he climbs up and down to get from the cockpit to the back. We also know that there is a round hatch built into the Razor Crest's floor in the back. We've also seen the Razor Crest from almost every angle, plus we've seen it naked with many of the outside panels removed. 

Those are all features which could be implemented in a future Vintage Collection Razor Crest vehicle. We would also love to see the hooks in the back where the carbon freezing blocks are hanging and it would be great if Hasbro would included those carbonite blocks with the vehicle. 

Here are some screen grabs of the Razor Crest which shows some of the features mentioned in the write-up above. 

Razor Crest The Razor Crest

Razor Crest The Razor Crest With Different Lighting

Razor Crest Cockpit The Razor Crest Cockpit with 3 seats

Razor Crest Cockpit The Razor Crest Side Door Opened And Landing Gear

Razor Crest Cockpit The Razor Crest From The Other Side (Notice The Door)

Razor Crest Cockpit The Razor Crest Stripped Of Parts

Razor Crest Cockpit The Razor Crest From The Bottom (Here You Can See The Orange Pattern Well)

Razor Crest Cockpit The Razor Crest's Weapon Locker

Razor Crest Cockpit The Razor Crest's Bathroom And Storage/Bedroom

Razor Crest CockpitA Look Towards The Back (Round Hatch In The Floor)

Razor Crest CockpitCarbonite Block Storage On The Left

Razor Crest Cockpit The On-Board Carbon Freezing Chamber

Razor Crest Cockpit Carbonite Blocks

The Razor Crest would be a great candidate for a future HasLab project, don't you think? We already know that there will be a second season of The Mandalorian, and with the current success and great word-of-mouth, it's not out of the possibility that this series will continue for a few years. So if Hasbro would release an accurately scaled Razor Crest vehicle for the Vintage Collection, a release even in 2021 would still be timely and an opportunity for Hasbro to build out the world with a variety of characters which are seen interacting with the vehicle. We know that Hasbro strives for accurate and realistic interpretations with the Vintage Collection, and a vehicle in the proper scale would likely be pricey. 

There was a time when we all wanted Hasbro to release the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels, and unfortunately that never happened. That was before Haslab however, and maybe now the time is right for Hasbro to dig into this. 

So, what do you think? And how much would you pay for a HasLab Razor Crest?

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