Rise Of The Resistance Ride Vehicle For 3.75" Figures!

12/4/2019 Galaxy's Edge Disney Parks

Jennifer Fickley-Baker revealed on the Disney Parks Blog that December 5, 2019 is the launch day for all new Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance merchandise at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disneyland park. The offering will include new T-shirts, a hat, a tumbler and open edition pins. 

The biggest surprise was the reveal of the Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance ride vehicle for 3.75" figures. The set will come with an exclusive pilot astromech droid, the ride vehicle itself and an escape pod. Unfortunately the vehicle was shrunk and only has seats for four figures instead of eight. There was no price announced and it's unclear if the vehicle or the escape pod will feature electronics. 

Disney believes in 3.75" and keeps producing fun items. In recent years we've seen the Sandcrawler, the Droid Factory Playset, the Starspeeder 1000 along with many 3.75" astromech droid multipacks

rise of the resistance toy

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