Baby Yoda Announced For The Black Series And Vintage Collection

12/3/2019 The Vintage Collection The Black Series The Mandalorian

Disney reached out today to let us know that toys and plush inspired by the character “the Child” from The Mandalorian are now available for pre-order on Obviously that's not all that surprising considering the popularity the child acquired after being on screen for only a few minutes, but what was surprising however is that Disney mentioned Hasbro's collector focused Star Wars action figure lines in their press release specifically: 

"Products from Hasbro will start hitting shelves later next year, offering a range of items from The Black Series and Vintage Collections to all new unique expressions of the Child."

It's not ground-breaking news, but it's nice to have an official confirmation. Unfortunately The Black Series and The Vintage Collection action figures are much more complex to create than a simple Funko Pop! bobble head, a print on a t-shirt or plush, and we'll likely have to wait until early Fall of 2020 to see the child in our favorite collector focused Star Wars action figure lines. That's a long wait, but in Hasbro's defense, no licensee was ready with products due to the secrecy surrounding the Child. 

While we all wait, check out (affiliate link) or Entertainment Earth (affiliate link) for merchandise of the Child. 

Baby Yoda

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