11/7/2019 The Vintage Collection A New Hope

Fellow collectors, what's going on? Where is your outrage? You've complained about 5POA figures (even though many of them had 7+ POA) for years and years, you only wanted to accept the best of the best in articulation combined with state-of-the-art sculpting! And now this? A Princess Leia Organa (Yavin) figure in the beloved Vintage Collection which could almost qualify as a salt shaker? Where is your outrage? 

You've hated 5POA figures for years, you never understood how awesome a Quay Tolsite, Moloch, Weazel, Pao, Bistan or Moroff are. And now you accept this Princess Leia Organa (Yavin) figure with no wrist, hip, knee, thigh and ankle articulation as an equal to a 16 points of articulation figure?

The first head scratcher was the recently released R2-D2 (VC149) figure, a build-a-droid sculpt with a total of 5 movable parts (dome, 3 legs), surely an astromech droid can be done better these days with panels that open and gadgets which can be pulled out, or at least some included accessories, no? Look at the R2-D2 from 2004's Vintage Original Trilogy Collection, it's night and day. 

Granted, the figure looks great in the packaging, but let's be honest here, the people who collect carded ONLY, or buy 2 of each, are the minority. Yes, the packaging is important, but most importantly is the figure itself. 

If you are a 5POA hating fan of the Vintage Collection and you bought this figure, ask yourself why. This Leia figure is certainly not any better than any figures from the  Rogue One toy line, the Last Jedi toy line or Solo toy line and you paid around $14 for it, compared to a $7.99 figure which in some cases had as many as 9 points of articulation.

So, without going on and on about this, here is the new database entry for the Princess Leia Organa (Yavin) VC150 figure. 

Princess Leia Yavin

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