The Mandalorian Episode Schedule

10/18/2019 The Mandalorian

Disney has revealed The Mandalorian episode air dates for Disney+. We knew that The Mandalorian would premiere on November 12, 2019, but we weren't sure if Disney would let fans binge watch it or roll out the episodes weekly. Jon Favreau hinted at a weekly roll out previously, and that has now been confirmed. The air dates are: 

  • Episode 1 – November 12
  • Episode 2 – November 15
  • Episode 3 – November 22
  • Episode 4 – November 29
  • Episode 5 – December 6
  • Episode 6 – December 13
  • Episode 7 – December 18
  • Episode 8 – December 27

The good news is that we only have to wait 3 days between the first and second episode, and we know now that the entire show will wrap before the end of the year. New episodes will be released Fridays, with the only exceptions being the premiere episode and episode 7 which will debut on a Wednesday. 

November 12th can't come soon enough, and while you wait, why not look at our review of the carbonized Black Series 6" Mandalorian figure?!

The Mandalorian Schedule

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