A Look At New SH Figuarts Star Wars Figures!

9/28/2019 SH Figuarts The Rise Of Skywalker Bandai

Bandai has released images on their website of up-coming Star Wars SH Figuarts 5.5" figures, and they all look fantastic. Unfortunately Bandai can't sell these figures in the United States because Hasbro owns the license for this market segment, but the figures can be imported from Japan through dealers and online shops, including Amazon Japan. Here is a look at the figures shown, the price and release date.

  • Rey with D-0, available in November 2019, $61
  • Kylo Ren, available in November 2019, $66
  • Sith Trooper, available in November 2019, $61

Rey The Rise Of Skywalker

Kylo RenThe Rise Of Skywalker

Sith Trooper The Rise Of Skywalker

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