Black Series 6" Fans! Here Are The Triple Force Friday Details!

9/26/2019 Triple Force Friday The Black Series The Rise Of Skywalker

The Black Series 6" Star Wars action figure line took center stage during the Triple Force Friday Global Reveal event and lots of new figures were shown. Besides showing up-coming Black Series Star Wars figures, they also re-instated that The Black Series is a line geared towards collectors where fans can hunt for different paint and packaging variations. Let's take a look.

The Black Series 6" Basic Assortment

The first eight figures are special, they will be released in the basic black/red packaging, but they will also be released in a FIRST EDITION white box. The figures are identical, but the packaging is different. First Edition Black Series 6" figures are not exclusive to a particular retail store.

  • #90 Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
  • #91 Rey with D-O
  • #92 Sith Trooper
  • #93 Cal Kestis
  • #94 The Mandalorian
  • #95 Second Sister Inquisitor
  • #96 Offworld Jawa
  • #97 First Order Stormtrooper

Black Series   First Edition

Black Series Triple Force Friday

Hasbro also released press photos of two more basic assortment Black Series 6" figures, Cara Dune from the Mandalorian and Jannah from The Rise Of Skywalker. During the Triple Force Friday Global Reveal live stream a new Black Series 6" C-3PO figure was shown, and afterwards on the show floor people took pictures of an IG-11 droid. 

  • #101 Cara Dune
  • #??? Jannah
  • #??? IG-11 (shown on the show floor of the Triple Force Friday Global Reveal) 
  • #??? C-3PO (shown during the Triple Force Friday Global Reveal, the picture is at the bottom of this article)

Black Series Triple Force Friday

Black Series C-3PO

The Carbonized Collection

What is it? Figures in the Black Series Carbonized Collection are treated with a sleek metallic finish for a premium figure which is different from the main release. The packaging is also different from the regular release and figures will start at $24.99 each. So far there are four figures included in the Carbonized Collection which are:

  • The Mandalorian (Target exclusive)
  • Second Sister Inquisitor (Gamestop exclusive)
  • Sith Trooper (Amazon exclusive)
  • First Order Jet Trooper (Walmart exclusive)

Black Series  Mandalorian carbonized

Black Series  Second Sister carbonized

Black Series  Sith Trooper carbonized

Black Series  Sith Trooper carbonized

Even though the Jet Trooper has not been announced yet officially, we expect this figure to be released in the next wave of basic Black Series 6" figures with a regular paint application.

The Black Series 6" Exclusives

Hasbro announced two exclusives which are released in a regular paint scheme.

  • First Order Elite Snowtrooper ($24.99 exclusive to Target)
  • Purge Stormtrooper ($19.99, Gamestop exclusive)

Black Series Triple Force Friday

Let's Simplify

There were a lot of new figures shown for The Black Series 6" line, here is a summary which simplifies all the information. 

  • The first 8 figures will be released in regular and white Black Series First Edition packaging
  • There are no differences between the actual figures, only the packaging is different
  • Out of those 8 figures, 3 will be available in a carbonized version where the figures have a metallic finish, different packaging, exclusive to certain stores and cost $24.99
  • Those figures are the Mandalorian (Target), Second Sister Inquisitor (Gamestop) and Sith Trooper (Amazon)
  • The Jet Trooper will also be carbonized (Walmart exclusive), but he'll be released in the second wave of figures
  • That means there are 3 different packaging versions for those figures, regular, first edition, carbonized
  • Target will have an exclusive First Order Elite Snowtrooper
  • Gamestop will have an exclusive Purge Stormtrooper
  • 4 more figures were shown for a future release: C-3PO, IG-11, Jannah, Cara Dune
  • There was no price increase, basic Black Series 6" figures still cost $19.99

We expect a few more reveals during Hasbro's panel at New York Comic Con 2019 and hopefully we'll see Finn and Poe in their new outfits! We'll be updating the Black Series 6" database once all the new figures have become available. 

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