The SAGA LEGENDS Site Section Is Now Open!

9/10/2019 Hasbro The 30th Anniversary Collection

We've been dragging our feet for a while with getting the STAR WARS SAGA LEGENDS sub-lines added to the website. This was mainly because every figure in this line was a re-release of a previously available figure, or just a slight repaint (BORING!). But, we've been catching up quite a bit with figures overall and the database is getting close to having 4000 figures archived so now it's time to dig into the SAGA LEGENDS line!

You can find the 30th Anniversary Collection SAGA LEGENDS sub-line listed on the regular 30th Anniversary Collection page, just scroll down a bit or use the drop down to filter to the section.

We are starting out with the 30th Anniversary Collection SAGA LEGENDS line which ran from 2007 - 2008. The first few figures in the database now are: 

Star Wars Legends

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