Power Of The Jedi Force Files Added

8/24/2019 Power Of The Jedi Hasbro

Almost every basic figure in the Power Of The Jedi single carded assortment included a Jedi Force File , a small double-sided 5-page booklet, with character stats. The only figures which didn't include a Jedi Force File were BoShek, Eeth Koth, FX-7, Imperial Officer, astromech droid R4-M9 (and Mouse Droid), Sabe (Royal Decoy), Rebel Fleet Trooper, Otoga 222 (packed-in with Anakin Skywalker) and Teebo.

The Jedi Force File is 3.3" high (8,4 cm) and 9.9" in width fully extended (25 cm). The Force File listed biographies, skills, gear, tech, statistics, adventures and allies & enemies for each character. There were a total of 47 different Force Files to collect.

We've scanned the front and back of every Jedi Force File released, you can find each individually with a figure entry, or you can look at the full Jedi Force File photo gallery with all of them listed on one page. 

Power Of The Jedi Force File

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