A Closer Look At Hasbro's Booth At The Unboxing Toy Convention 2019

8/3/2019 Unboxing Toy Convention Hasbro The Black Series

Fellow collector and J.B. reader Rafael Pineda has sent us great close-up images of the display cases seen at Hasbro's booth at the Unboxing Toy Convention 2019 in Mexico (for Rafael's pictures from last year's 2018 Unboxing Toy Convention have a look here). Hasbro's Star Wars focus was clearly on the Black Series 6" line, their booth showcased every single boxed Black Series 6" figure released to date from 2013 until today.

Unboxing Toy Convention

The Hasbro store had several display cases with the current convention exclusives on display (with the exception of the Retro Collection Darth Vader figure, which was not sold at the show).

Even though Rafael was able to secure a Golden Ticket for the Hasbro booth before the show to purchase the exclusives, the Boba Fett Black Series 6" figure in Kenner colors sold out within the first two hours on day one of the convention. So having a golden ticket didn't help much if your time slot was for the afternoon. Here is a look at the entire Hasbro booth with the exclusives in the display cases in the front. 

Unboxing Toy Convention

One of the display cases at Hasbro's booth featured the new Black Series 6" Archive wave with Yoda, Darth Maul and the Biker Scout. Interesting here was that Hasbro used a Tamashii Nations display stand to display the Darth Maul figure in a jumping pose. Anakin Skywalker was not on display, but they might have added him later.

Unboxing Toy Convention

The Vintage Collection didn't see much attention at the show, there was only one display case and it was labeled Black Series. The case had four figures in it with Luke Skywalker (Crait), R2-D2, the Rogue One Death Star Gunner and the Imperial Assault Tank Commander. The display base for the Rogue One Death Star Gunner feels out of place and too big for the figure.Unboxing Toy Convention

Thank you yet again to Rafael Pineda for keeping us in the loop and for sending the pictures our way. For the full photo gallery have a look at the Unboxing Toy Convention 2019 photo gallery and for last year's 2018 event have a look at the Unboxing Toy Convention 2018 coverage.

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