What Did We Learn From The SDCC Hasbro Panel?

7/19/2019 San Diego Comic Con 2019 Hasbro

This afternoon Hasbro held their annual San Diego Comic Con presentation to talk about up-coming toys. If you've been following JediBusiness.com you knew going into the panel that Hasbro wouldn't reveal a lot of new toys because they've already revealed a ton of up-coming figures during their Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 panel. 

You can listen to our talk with Patrick Schneider from Hasbro during Star Wars Celebration Chicago about Hasbro's plans for San Diego Comic Con 2019 here: 

There were a few surprises during the panel however, so let's go over it!

The biggest surprise was that the current Galaxy Of Adventures 3.75" toy line is going to morph into more accurate representations of the characters seen in the cartoon shorts. Figures will be sculpted in an animated style instead of the current realistic interpretation and they'll grow from 3.75" to stand 5" tall. This of course reminds us of the Disney Store exclusive Star Wars Toy Box action figures, which we absolutely love. Every 5" tall Galaxy Of Adventures figure will have an action feature built-in, similar to what we saw in the Revenge Of The Sith toy line which ran from 2005 - 2006, so we'll see spring-loaded arms/legs and buttons which will trigger a variety of moves.

The announced 5" tall Star Wars Galaxy Of Adventures figures included Darth Vader, Han Solo, Chewbacca, C-3PO. 

Darth Vader Galaxy Of Adventures

If you haven't picked up wave 3 of the current Galaxy Of Adventure "tube" figures yet, make sure to do that because it seems that this will be the final wave. 

The Hyper Real Darth Vader 10" figure (Vader is 2" taller than a regular 8" Hyper Real figure) will be accompanied by a Hyper Real Luke Skywalker (Bespin Fatigue) figure. This way you will be able to display both figures dueling each other, awesome! Luke will be out in 2020.

Luke Skywalker Bespin Fatigues HyperReal

The Star Wars Retro Collection was successful and more figures will be on hand later this year, you'll be able to pre-order them this coming week on Entertainment Earth (stay tuned to JB, we'll post a link to the figures once they are available).

Hasbro also revealed the Boba Fett Black Series helmet which will be released in 2020 for the Empire Strikes Back's 40th anniversary. The helmet will feature a moving range finder and the LEDS will light up once the range finder is moved down. 

Boba Fett Black Series Helmet

Click here and have a look at the entire Hasbro photo gallery!

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