Our Most Wanted The Vintage Collection Rogue One Figures!

7/13/2019 Rogue One The Vintage Collection

Hasbro has released some very cool 3.75" figures from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story in the past three years, unfortunately most of them were limited in articulation (look at all the Rogue One figures made so far in 3.75").  With The Vintage Collection being in full swing we thought we take another look at what figures we absolutely want to see  from Rogue One. 

It is important to us to get the entire main cast of the movie in The Vintage Collection, so those figures are listed first. Make sure to list your own must have figures in the comments below.

Chirrut Imwe

Chirrut Imwe, is a former Guardian Of The Whills, and one of our favorite new characters from Rogue One. Chirrut sees a lot of action and the character would deserve a super articulated figure.

Rogue One

Baze Malbus

You can't really have Chirrut Imwe in The Vintage Collection without his counterpart Baze Malbus.

Rogue One


He's part of the main crew and since there are several of this droid seen walking around on the base on Scarif, fans might even pick up a few extras to place in their dioramas.

Rogue One

Saw Gerrera

For the release of Saw Gerrera we would love to see two different head sculpts, one with and one without hair, the way he was seen in Rogue One.

Rogue One

Galen Erso

Galen Erso was vital to the story and he was seen in his regular outfit, in a flashback scene as an Imperial officer on Coruscant, and in his scientist outfit. 

Rogue One

Bodhi Rook

He's part of the main gang, so let's get him out in The Vintage Collection!

Rogue One

Governor Tarkin

For this figure Hasbro could re-release the sought-after Governor Tarkin figure from the Vintage Collection on a Rogue One card. Currently the figure fetches more than $100 on the secondary market. Here is our database entry.

Rogue One

Director Krennic

We know that the 5POA figure and the Black Series 6" figure sat on store shelves for quite some time, but Director Krennic is the main villain in the movie and it would be great to see a figure of him released in The Vintage Collection on a Rogue One cardback. 

Rogue One

Side Characters

Following characters stood out to us in the movie and we think that they would make great figures for dioramas.

Bail Organa

Bail Organa is such a vital character to the overal Star Wars SAGA that a figure of him in The Vintage Collection would be a great addition. 

Rogue One

General Draven

We just really like this guy. We didn't see him all that much in the movie, but he certainly stood out to us and a figure in a brown rebel outfit would make a great addition to Yavin Base inspired displays.

Rogue One

Mon Mothma

Mon Mothma is a vital character to the overall story just like Bail Organa. Getting an updated super articulated figure of her on a Rogue One card would be great!

Rogue One

General Merrick

We have yet to see any Blue Squadron X-Wing pilots in the 3.75" format, and why not start with Blue Leader himself?

Rogue One

Admiral Raddus

Hasbro has released an amazing Admiral Ackbar in the Vintage Collection and we'd love to see Admiral Raddus get the same treatment.

Rogue One

Darth Vader

Re-release the Vintage Collection Darth Vader figure on a Rogue One cardback! We didn't see Vader much in Rogue One, but the scenes he was in were amazing.

Rogue One

Rebel Fleet Trooper

This would be a great opportunity for Hasbro to re-release one of the best Vintage Collection figures made, the Rebel Fleet Trooper

Rogue One

Princess Leia Organa

Yes, the CG version of Leia doesn't look right, but it would be a great opportunity for Hasbro to release an updated figure of Leia, and why not release her on a Rogue One style card?

Rogue One

Creating this list made us sad because we realized just how many main characters Hasbro hasn't released yet as super articulated 3.75" figures from the movie. We love aliens and background characters, and Rogue One had many great designs in it, but main characters will always dominate our list until they've been released. If Hasbro wanted to they could re-release Dr. Evazan and Ponda Boba on Rogue One cards, or even release a C-3PO and R2-D2 who all had brief cameos. 

Let's hope we'll see some of those characters over the coming years. What are the figures that you want to see in The Vintage Collection from Rogue One? 


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