Father's Day Clearance @ Target

6/19/2019 The Black Series The Vintage Collection The Retro Collection

Target stores across the United States are clearancing the Black Series 6" Luke Skywalker, the Vintage Collection Han Solo (Stormtrooper) and the RETRO Collection figures for 70% off the orginal retail price. In our region (North Seattle, WA) the Vintage Collection Han Solo has sold very well and is sold out at every store.

The Star Wars RETRO Collection never made it onto store shelves at most of our locations because collectors had them pulled from the back before employees had the opportunity to stock the shelves with them. Those were very difficult to find. The Black Series 6" Luke Skywalker however is still sitting around and should be fairly easy to find for a deep discount. 

If you've purchased any of those figures recently and still have your receipt, talk to customer service and they might adjust your price.

Thank you to Ant FJ for sending the picture in. 

Star Wars Clearance at Target stores

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