Red Squadron A-Wing Fighter

5/5/2019 Hasbro The Last Jedi

We've finished another toy line! This makes three this week! First we added the last figure to the Black Series 3.75" series to the database (Han Solo with Cinema box, Amazon Italy), then we finished the Rogue One Collection with the international version of Finn and the Desert Landspeeder and now we've finished the SOLO: A Star Wars Story toy line with the Red Squadron A-Wing pilot!

Technically the Resistance A-Wing Fighter (Red Squadron) could be considered part of the Last Jedi toy line, but because it came out late and with updated Force Link 2.0 technology implemented we added it to the SOLO action figure line. To learn more about this set have a look here: Resistance A-Wing Fighter With Pilot!

Resistance A-Wing Fighter

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