Galaxy's Edge Droid Depot - Color Changing Droids!

4/19/2019 Droid Depot Build A Droid Galaxy's Edge

Disney showcased new 3.75" droids during Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 at their Galaxy's Edge booth. When Star Wars land is going to open on May 31st, 2019, you'll be able to walk into the Droid Depot inside Galaxy's Edge and purchase one new playset and two new multipacks. 

For the launch of Disney's Galaxy's Edge there will be two different 4-packs of droids available which means you get eight new droids for your collection (plus one Gonk Droid if you purchase the playset). The first set includes 1 x Death Star droid, 1 x BB unit, 1 x R-series unit and 1 C1 unit. The second set includes two protocol droids and two actromech droids (1 x protocol droid, 1 x BB unit, 1 x R-series droid, 1 x CZ-series droid). When the figures are placed into warm water they will change the color. We don't know yet how long this color effect will stay on the figure but we assume that it changes back to the original color once the plastic cools off.

Galaxy's Edge Droid Depot

All the figures are based on Disney's popular Build A Droid series. This means that Protocol Droids will have removable limbs, BB units will have removable domes and a body which splits in two, and regular R-series astromechs will have three removable legs and a removable dome. Some droids will also have a hole in the dome where an additional accessory can be plugged in. Below is a closer look at some of the droids. 

Droid Depot

The playset is named Droid Depot and is battery operated. It has a working crane, it has lights and sounds and a working conveyer belt to transport your droids. The base has pegs where the droids can be placed on, and it has two water bassetts (oil baths), one for cold and one for warm water. The playset will come with a Gonk droid which appears to be idential to the one which was included with the Disney Sandcrawler. When asked, they mentioned that they are not ready to share a price yet. 

The packaging is designed with no branding on it so that it feels in world, and because of this we are unsure yet if these sets will be available through the official Disney Parks app or not. 

droid depot

Here is another look at the full Droid Depot playset.

droid depot

We are excited about this addition to the Droid Factory / Build-A-Droid series from Disney and we'll post more details about Disney's new color changing droid line once it becomes available.

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