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10/7/2018 Hasbro The Black Series NYCC2018

I am writing this here sitting at the airport waiting to board my plane back to Seattle, if I miss anything feel free to leave a comment below and I'll update the list. So, here it goes:

The Vintage Collection 3 3/4"

  • The Vintage Collection Gamorrean Guard will be re-released, the front of the card will be the same as before but the back will be different because of legal reasons, no changes to the figure however
  • The Vintage Collection Yak Face figure will be released as Yak Face on the POTF card which is included with the Sail Barge
  • but the single carded version will be called Salt-Maere
  • The Vintage Collection Leia Boushh will feature two bubbles, one for the figure and one for the helmet, just like on the original Kenner card
  • For the first time we saw carded versions of the Scarif Stormtrooper, Klaatu, Yak Face, Leia Boushh and Captain Phasma
  • The Vintage Collection Sail Barge is on-track to be released in February, and no, it will not be available anywhere again. Hasbro wants to release it in Europe, but there were no details provided just yet
  • Hasbro showed a new Sail Barge behind the scenes video of the packaging photo shoot, they re-created the Sarlacc pit with poseable tentacles, Mark Beaudraux himself made sure that the correct windows on the Sail Barge would be open and in the correct position
  • The final The Vintage Collection Sail Barge packaging will be revealed in an up-coming International convention before the year is over
  • The Vintage Collection Klaatu was given a wash on the outfit which looks great
  • Getting the original images used on Kenner action figure packaging can be tricky, a lot of work was done to re-create Yak Face and Klaatu as faithfully as possible
  • The Vintage Collection Luke Skywalker (Crait) will be released
  • The Vintage Collection Assault Combat Commander will be released
  • The Vintage Collection Han Solo Stormtrooper will be released with new face printing tech and a newly sculpted torso with helmet
  • The Vintage Collection 41st Elite Corps Clone Trooper will be released, this time the figure will have painted gloves and belt
  • There are eight more Vintage Collection figures which still need to be revealed for next year, all of them will be from the Original Trilogy
  • During Hasbro's live presentation on the SYFY stage they showcased Mark Beaudraux's mark-ups of the Imperial Combat Assault Tank
  • The Vintage Collection Rey Island Journey is now available through Entertainment Earth
  • The Vintage Collection 41st Clone Trooper is now available through Entertainment Earth
  • Listen to Hasbro talk about The Vintage Collection here

Star Wars The Black Series 6"

  • Black Series Obi-Wan Kenobi Clone Wars Tartakovsky will be out in Spring 2019, exclusively at Walgreens
  • Black Series General Grievous will cost $29.99, it will be available in XL Black Series packaging and it will not be exclusive
  • General Grievous will be the first one in the Black Series XL line which has a higher price point but it allows Hasbro to release bigger figures which are not exclusively tied to a specific store
  • The Black Series Archive series will include Yoda (new face printing), Biker Scout, Anakin Skywalker (E3, new face printing))
  • The Black Series Archive series Yoda wil have face printing tech based on the likness from the original trilogy
  • The Black Series Luke Skywalker with wet hair will be released in Spring 2019 at Target stores only
  • The figure will come with a communicator and the armor and helmet will be dirtied up
  • The Black Series Imperial Rocket Trooper from Star Wars Rebels will be out in Spring 2019 exclusively at Gamestop/ThinkGeek
  • The figure will come with a clear see-through new display stand where the front of the boots or toes can be placed in to get it balance (nice!)
  • The Black Series Doctor Aphra, Tripple Zero and the astromech will be released in the basic Black Series line
  • The Black Series Tripple Zero will include extra murder hands
  • The Black Series Doctor Aphra is a new interpretation and not an up-scaled version of the Vintage Collection figure
  • During the SyFy live stream the Hasbro team showed packaged versions of the Black Series archive figures, the cards are slightly smaller than 40th Anniversary Black Series cards
  • The back of the Archive Series will feature images of the original release of the figure
  • Black Series Archive figures will cost $19.99 each
  • Listen to Hasbro talk about The Black Series here

Star Wars Resistance 3 3/4"

  • Hasbro showed 10 3 3/4" figures from Star Wars Resistance, Six Star Wars figures which will be released single carded and four figures which will be released in two 2-packs
  • The single carded figures included Kazuda Xiono, Commander Pyre, Torra Doza, Synara San, Major Vonreg and a regular First Order Stormtrooper
  • The 2-packs will include Poe Dameron with BB-8 and Jarek Yeager with his droid
  • Resistance packaging wasn't shown yet, but expect it to be its own toy line
  • Listen to Hasbro talk about Star Wars Resistance here

Patrick Schneider from the Hasbro Star Wars team will travel to Paris Comic Con, England's MCM convention and Italy's Luca Comics and Games convention to talk about Star Wars action figures. Don't expect huge new reveals but there will be a few new things ...

Thank you to the Hasbro team for a fantastic weekend with lots of great reveals! Our photo gallery of the media event is here (more to come!) and all the press photos will be uploaded once I am back home, please stay tuned!

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