A First Look At The Official Hasbro Display Stands For Black Series 6" Figures!

5/21/2018 The Black Series Hasbro

Fans of Hasbro's The Black Series 6" line have been asking for display stands for quite some time and we are happy to report that the wait is over. We don't know how Hasbro will distribute those display stands yet, but we are hopeful that future single packed figures will include them and maybe they will make them available in bulk, so people with larger collections can pick them up easier. 

The display stand is 4 1/2" long, 2" deep and 0.5" high and it has two pegs, one on each side. It's long enough to give figures in dynamic poses room and stability. The middle piece, which says Star Wars on it, can be flipped around. This then turns the stand into a floor panel which looks cool. Multiple display stands can be hooked into each other on one side, so you can have an entire row of figures stand next to each other. 

Have a look at the images below!

Black Series Display Stand

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