Star Wars Toybox

Disney released the first Star Wars Toybox action figures on November 3rd, 2017. The launch wave of figures cost $12.95 each and included Star Wars ToyBox figures of Kylo Ren, Rey and a First Order Stormtrooper.

Each Star Wars Toybox figure stands about 5" tall, with Rey being a little shorter and Kylo Ren being slightly taller than 5". The animated figure design style was heavily influenced by the cancelled Disney Infinity video game series and the cute look filled a void in the Star Wars action figure category for kids 3 years and up.

Star Wars Toybox Basic Assortment

Here is a look at Star Wars Toybox figures which were released individually carded.

Kylo Ren, The Force Awakens figure
Kylo Ren The Force Awakens
Disney Store
Rey, The Force Awakens figure
Rey The Force Awakens
Disney Store
Stormtrooper, The Force Awakens figure
Stormtrooper The Force Awakens
Disney Store

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