How Much Are You Willing To Pay?

5/8/2017 Hasbro The Vintage Collection 2

Hasbro's 3.75" The Vintage Collection will be back one year from now, right before the new Han Solo movie will be released in movie theaters. We know that The Vintage Collection will be available at all regular retailers, but we don't know yet if Hasbro will treat it as a main or subline. Will it replace the 5POA or the VS. 2-Packs? Will the Han Solo movie have its own dedicated toy line or will it flow into The Vintage Collection? For how long will those figures come back? Will distribution improve compared to the disastrous 2011 - 2013 time period (remember, those figures were tough to find)? What about vehicles? 

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Hasbro's Fan Vote Winner

5/5/2017 Hasbro Fan's Poll The Vintage Collection 2

Disney/Lucasfilm and Hasbro announced the next fans' choice winner of the fan vote from this past week. The character who won is Dr. Aphra, which is a new character in the expanded Star Wars universe featured in the Marvel comic books.

About the character:

Chelli Lona Aphra was a human female archaeologist who was recruited by Darth Vader after the Battle of Yavin. Aphra, along with her two assassin droid companions, 0-0-0 (Triple-Zero) and BT-1 (Beetee), fulfilled several missions for Darth Vader before falling out of his favor.

Look for Dr. Aphra in the Vintage Collection 3.75" line by Hasbro towards the end of 2018.

dr. aphra

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How To Fix Hasbro's Fan Vote

5/2/2017 Hasbro Fan's Poll The Vintage Collection 2

It's pretty apparent that people participating in Hasbro's fan poll, or at least very dedicated Hasbro Star Wars action figure fans, are upset with the current fan poll on

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Last Day To Vote And Current Standings!

5/2/2017 Hasbro Fan's Poll The Vintage Collection 2

Today is the last day to vote on for Hasbro's next 3.75" Star Wars action figure in the Vintage Collection II. Currently it looks as if Dr. Aphra is going to win, Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars Rebels is in second place, Emperor Palpatine and ARC Trooper Fives share the 3rd spot and Yakface and Sim Aloo are occupying the bottom two spots. The winner will be officially announced on May The 4th on

Star Wars Hasbro Fan Figure Vote


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The Poll Is Live On - What Dark Magic Is This?

4/28/2017 Hasbro Fan's Poll The Vintage Collection 2

If you've been following for a while you know that we've collected fans' votes several days ago for Hasbro's next 3.75" Star Wars action figure, which will be released in the Vintage Collection in 2018. We handed our results to Hasbro several days ago, they tallied all the results from participating fan sites and came up with this list:

Dr. Aphra


Sim Aloo

Ahoska Tano

ARC Trooper Fives

Emperor Palpatine

This list is a big head-scratcher. J.B. reader Brian Borg sent following graphic to us, it's an accumulation of all participating fan sites and their results. The bottom has the finalists listed, take a look:

Star Wars Fan Vote

So what happened here?

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4/20/2017 Hasbro Fan's Poll The Vintage Collection 2

Hasbro gave you the chance to vote for a character which you'd like to see made next as a 3.75" super articulated Star Wars figure in the up-coming The Vintage Collection 2 in 2018. Below are the results which we'll pass on to Hasbro. Voting will continue on, more details about that soon!

Every person had to type the name of the charcter they wanted to see made into the comments, this helped eliminate multiple "up-votes" on different characters and made it easy to spot multiple entries by the same person.

Here is our TOP 6:

Ben Skywalker

Luke Skywalker (from The Force Awakens)

Dr. Aphra

Tonnika Sisters

Dash Rendar

Pong Krell

Thank you to everybody who participated, may the Force be with you!




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