The Vintage Collection - THE PHANTOM MENACE - Make Your Voice Heard!

8/20/2017 The Vintage Collection Hasbro TVC2 is your voice for Hasbro's 3.75" THE VINTAGE COLLECTION! Over the next few weeks we will set up a variety of pages where you can make your voice heard to let Hasbro know what Star Wars action figures you want to see in THE VINTAGE COLLECTION in 2018 and beyond! This can include new characters or older figures which you want to see re-released.

Before posting, please learn about what figures Hasbro has released in THE VINTAGE COLLECTION already. During San Diego Comic Con, Hasbro has released a lot of information about THE VINTAGE COLLECTION, we've gathered all that information for you here: Everything we know about THE VINTAGE COLLECTION (this includes figures which have been announced for THE VINTAGE COLLECTION already, it's well worth a read!)

We will post our personal TOP 10 for each category over the next few weeks. BOOKMARK THE HUB for all our posts regarding this!

If you are not sure what Star Wars figures Hasbro has released from The Phantom Menace before, have a look at our movie section here: Star Wars figures from The Phantom Menace!

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