Lots Of Love For Kenner In The Official German Star Wars Magazine!

12/1/2018 Star Wars Magazine Kenner

We were quite surprised to find a lot of Kenner content in Germany's official Star Wars magazine which is currently available on newsstands. There are two small posters included, one which features the classic line-up of Kenner Star Wars figures with the yellow background, and one which depicts the Battle Of Hoth with several Kenner vehicles and action figures. Both images were captured by Kim Simmons who is interviewed over five pages talking about his history with Kenner in the 80's and his experience photographing Star Wars toys. 

Needless to say that if you've grown up with Kenner Star Wars back in the days it's nice to see those toys being featured heavily in a current Star Wars magazine, that's something which we haven't seen in the U.S. version since Chris Fawcett's Jedi Toy Box column. Editorials like this help the new generation of 3.75" Hasbro Star Wars action figure collectors learn about the 40+ year history and it keeps the collector segment within the Star Wars fandom engaged.  

The official German Star Wars magazine costs €4.60 (which is currently 5.21 USD) and is available on newsstands until December 20, 2018.

If you don't speak German, you can listen to our own interview with Kim Simmons here.

Star Wars magazine

Star Wars magazine