The Vintage Collection Is Featured In The Official Star Wars Magazine!

8/17/2018 Star Wars Insider The Vintage Collection Hasbro

The Star Wars Insider, which is the official Star Wars magazine, features a small article about our favorite 3.75" toy line from Hasbro! The small article highlights the beautifully designed Imperial Assault Tank from Rogue One. Next time when you are at a newsstand, make sure to check out the Insider!

Star Wars Insider

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Free Star Wars 3.75" Action Figure With Insider Subscription

1/2/2018 Star Wars Insider Hasbro The Black Series

Titan Magazines is currently running a promotion for the United States where you get a free Hasbro 3.75" Black Series die cast figure if you sign up for a one year subscription. The figures are chosen randomly. If you live in the UK you will receive a Black Series Jyn Erso (Eadu) figure. 

For pricing and additional details have a look at the official Titan magazine website please. 

Star wars Insider magazine

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