Here Is A Look At Stitch As A Yoda Hologram!

6/10/2018 Disney Disney Character Figures Star Tours

You can now find the Star Tours II Opening Day special figure of Stitch as Yoda Hologram in the database. To learn more about the figure have a look here: 

Stitch As Yoda Hologram

Stitch Yoda Hologram

Three Younglings Have Made It Into The Database

6/1/2018 Disney Star Tours

You can now find the three younglings figures from Disney's 2009 Jedi Training Academy multipack in the database, check 'em out: 

Jedi Padawan #1

Jedi Padawan #2

Jedi Padawan #3

Jedi Training Academy

Check Out The Star Tours Boarding Party!

5/30/2018 Disney Star Tours

We've added the two missing figures from the 2010 Star Tours Boarding Party 5-pack to the database. 



Star Tours Boarding Party