Target's Rogue One Home Release Aisle Display

3/26/2017 Rogue One Target Go Rogue

Target stores across the United States will have an aisle display which features Hasbro's role play lightsabers, Hasbro's 12" Star Wars figures and the Jedah Revolt 4-pack. The Jedha Revolt 4-pack includes new 3.75" Star Wars figures of Saw Gerrera, Edrio Two-Tubes and the Hovertank Pilot. The set also includes a re-release of Jyn Erso, the main protagonist from Rogue One!

The aisle display was found by Anthony who lives in Northern NJ. Thanks for the pictures Anthony!

Good luck on your Toy Runs!

Target Star Wars Aisle Display

Target Star Wars Aisle Display

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Hasbro's Star Wars App Broken?

3/17/2017 Hasbro Rogue One Go Rogue

Hasbro's Studio FX app, which in the past could be used to steer the AT-ACT vehicle, might be broken. Even though the app starts and is able to detect the AT-ACT vehicle, it is unable to connect to it so that users could steer the AT-ACT vehicle with it.

Do you own the AT-ACT? Have you experienced any trouble with the app? Let us know in the comments please!

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