Disney Parks Exclusive Holiday Astromech Droid Out Now!

10/20/2017 Droid Factory Disney Build A Droid

Several in-stock auctions have popped up on Ebay of the Disney Droid Factory droid R3-H17 (R3-Holiday 2017). Currently this droid seems to be available at Disney Springs in Florida only. Check it out!




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BB-8 Is Now Available On The Disney Shop Parks App!

7/17/2017 D23 Disney Build A Droid

If you couldn't make it to D23, or don't live anywhere close to a Disney Theme Park, you can now order the Droid Factory BB-8 figure through the Disney Parks app on your phone. The figure costs the same as in the park, $12.99, but you can get 25% off by using promo code DISNEYPALS. 

BB8 Droid Factory

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New In The Database: Disney's Droid Factory R-3PO

7/16/2017 The Force Awakens Disney Build A Droid

You can now find the Disney Theme Park and Star Wars Celebration exclusive protocol droid R-3PO in the database. For all the details have a look here:




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Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Video Series V: Build A Droid - Disney Springs

4/30/2017 Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Disney Build A Droid

Here is a live video which we broadcasted from the Once Upon A Toy Store located at Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney). 

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