Italian Cinema Movie Box With Han Solo Action Figure!

3/22/2018 Hasbro The Last Jedi

Whaddayaknow!? Italien collectors had the opportunity to add a truly unique item to their collections. Last year when Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released in movie theaters Lucasfilm released a box set exclusively at Amazon Italy, which included two tickets to the movie, a BB-8 colored USB cable, a BB-8 colored charging cable for the car, BB-8 colored headphones and a Hasbro 3.75" Han Solo action figure! This set was numbered by hand and limited to only 500 pieces. 

Star Wars Italian Cinema Box

Italian Cinema Box

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Exclusive Sail Barge Images!

3/22/2018 Sail Barge The Vintage Collection

We've received exclusive images of some of the painted details found on the Sail Barge! Have a look at the insane detail found inside the Barge, including trophies of the Rancor, the Ishi Tib and Gamorrean Guard head

Have a look at all the new images!

Sail Barge

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New Sail Barge Info From Today's Google Hangout With Hasbro's Star Wars Team!

3/22/2018 Hasbro The Vintage Collection had the opportunity today to join a part of Hasbro's Star Wars team on a Google Hangout chat. Unfortunately we can't provide the audio or the video, but we have a summary of the conversation with new information about HasLab and Hasbro's Sail Barge below. The chat included Steve Evans (Design Director), Joe Ninivaggi (Marketing Director) and a man who doesn't need an introduction, Kenner/Hasbro design legend Mark Boudreaux! 

Google Hangout star Wars

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New In the Database: Grand Moff Tarkin And IT-O Interrogation Droid

3/21/2018 The Black Series Hasbro

You can now find Hasbro's 6" The Black Series Grand Moff Tarkin action figure, along with the IT-O Interrogation Droid, in the database. Take a look!

Black Series Tarkin #63

Black Series IT-O Interrogation Droid


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Press Images Of The Painted Sail Barge Are Here And They Are Stunning!

3/21/2018 Sail Barge The Vintage Collection

Hasbro has sent us glam shots of their Haslab Sail Barge project and the images are stunning! Look at the wooden floors in Jabba's cabin, have a look at the armory and the insane details found there, it's all very impressive. Hasbro has also sent a mock-up image of Yak Face on the Kenner-inspired Power Of The Force packaging which goes back to 1985! This is an amazing project, let's hope this will reach it's goal of 5,000 backers! Check out the photo gallery and don't forget that you can only order the Sail Barge on, it will not be sold at regular retail stores!

Sail Barge

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Look At How Much Work Goes Into Painting The Barge! Awesome Video!

3/21/2018 Sail Barge The Vintage Collection

Hasbro has released a time-laps video of how they assembled and painted the prototype of the Sail Barge! Watch the video and check out how much work goes into making this project a reality! Don't forget, you can pre-order the Sail Barge only on and only until April 3rd, 2018!

Sail barge


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The Vintage Collection Yakface Is Included With The Sail Barge

3/21/2018 The Vintage Collection Sail Barge

In case you've missed it, Hasbro will include an unpunched Yak Face 3.75" action figure with the Sail Barge! This figure will be released in throw-back Kenner-style Power Of The Force packaging including a collector coin! The figure will be available at regular retail, but in basic The Vintage Collection packaging. Let's back the barge at!

Yak Face Vintage Collection

Yak Face Vintage Collection

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Entertainment Weekly Shows Fully Painted Sail Barge

3/21/2018 Sail Barge The Vintage Collection

Enertainment Weekly has revealed new images of the Sail Barge which show the vehicle fully painted. In addition they've revealed that Hasbro will include an exclusive 3.75" Yak Face action figure with the Sail Barge, which will be packaged on a Kenner Power Of The Force style card back. The figure itself will also be available at regular retail on a Return Of The Jedi style card. Head on over to Entertainment Weekly and have a look at all the new images and make sure to back the Barge on!

Sail barge

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New In the Database: Black Series 6" Range Trooper #64

3/20/2018 The Black Series Hasbro Solo Movie

We've added Hasbro's 6" Black Series Range Trooper to the database. To learn more about this cool looking Stormtrooper have a look at the database entry please!

Black Series 6" Range Trooper

Range Trooper

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New In the Database: The Black Series #65 Lando Calrissian

3/20/2018 The Black Series Hasbro Solo Movie

You can now find Lando Calrissian from Hasbro's Black Series 6" line in the database. Check it out!

Black Series Lando Calrissian #65 

Lando Calrissian

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New In the Database: Han Solo #62 The Black Series

3/20/2018 The Black Series Hasbro Solo Movie

You can now find Han Solo from Hasbro's 6" The Black Series in the database. Check it out!

Black Series Han Solo #62

Han Solo

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Lando Calrissian Is Kickin' It Oldschool

3/20/2018 The Black Series Hasbro Solo Movie

It's always fun when we learn new details about Star Wars movies through Star Wars action figures! This time we found out that Lando Calrissian is carrying a blaster which was first given to Stormtroopers in the original Star Wars! Check out the comparison pictures (thank you to Tom Berges for providing a picture of a prop replica)!

Lando Calrissian

Lando Blaster

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HasbroPulse Answers Sail Barge Questions!

3/19/2018 Hasbro Sail Barge

Hasbro has answered some fan questions on Instagram on their HasbroPulse account. Here is the summary: 

Q: Why is there a 5-piece maxiumum limit to purchase?

A: The 5-piece limit is per-transaction. Note, that there is no limit on the number of transactions you can make. 

Q: Is there any assembly required?

A: The main hull will come fully assembled. A few components require assembly including the sails, cannons, fins & additional pars based on the provided instructions.

Q: Why do we need 5,000 backers?

A: Because this item is the largest HASBRO Star Wars item ever created & the ultimate dream item for the inspired Star Wars fan, this is the absolute minimum quantity needed to cover the various operating elements needed to bring this massive & ambitious product to life.

Q: What do I do if my credit card or Paypal payment was returned? 

A: Nothing! This is most likely the credit authorization expiring as part of a normal credit payment cycle. Your preferred payment method will only be charged if we reach the minimum number of backers by April 3rd, 2018. If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-800-408-0052.

Q: Is the product design final? 

A: What you've seen so far is just the in-progress designs, but it is close to final in terms of the actual structure. The final item will be fully painted & will also include highly detailed accessories. We've been hard at work to make sure no detail is missed in the development of this intricate item & are excited to share more with you soon!

Q: Will HasLab products be available in stores in the U.S. and Canada afater the minimum 5,000 backers is met? 

A: No. Jabba's Sail Barge will only be available through the HasLab program in the U.S. and Canada.

Q: Is shipping included in the $499 + tax price for both the U.S. and Canada?

A: Yes

Q: How big is the packaging & how much does it weigh? 

A: Box size: 14"D x 50"W x 15"H, shipping carton: 15"D x 51"W x 16"H, weight: 15lbs

Q: Why HasLab? Why can't Hasbro just make this and sell at retail? 

A: HasLab is a completely new way of engaging the fan community that gives Hasbro an opportunity to potentially bring extravagantly awesome dream toys to life. Because of the size of the item & quantities involved, it is not suited to Hasbro's standard retail distribution model. 

You can back the barge on the official website! Sail Barge


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Painted Vs. Photo Real - A Comparison

3/19/2018 Photo Real The Black Series Hasbro

We've just had the opportunity to compare the Black Series 6" 40th Anniversary Death Squad Commander figure to the single boxed regular release. Both figures have different heads, the first one was painted, the new one features Hasbro's photo real technology where the paint is printed onto the figure. 

The new Death Squad Commander looks phenomenal in person, the eye doesn't catch the pixely print, the camera however does. As you can see, by printing the paint onto the figure it's possible to include more colors instead of just a single brush stroke (look at the eye brows). Below are some comparion pictures of both figures, have a look!

Hasbro Photo Real

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New Episodes Of Forces Of Destiny

3/19/2018 Forces Of Destiny Disney

Disney/Lucasfilm have kicked off season 2 of The Forces Of Destiny with eight new episodes. You can watch them all below. 

Episode 1: Hasty Departure features Chopper, Sabine and Hera

Episode 2: Unexpected Company features Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala and Ahsoka Tano

Episode 3: Shuttle Shock features BB-8, Finn and Rose

Episode 4: Jyn's Trade features Jyn Erso

Episode 5: Run Rey Run features Teedo and Rey

Episode 6: Bounty Hunted features Princess Leia, Maz Kanata and Chewbacca

Episode 7: The Path Ahead features Yoda, R2 and Luke Skywalker

Episode 8: Porg Problems features Porgs and Rey

Forces Of Destiny


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