8/31/2017 Force Friday II The Last Jedi

Just like in the past few years we are gathering your FORCE FRIDAY pictures here on J.B.! Post them in the comments please and let us know what you picked up and found on your toy runs! We'll gather all the pictures and create a photo gallery once the event is over! Here is a look at the Force Friday 2015 photo gallery!


Post your Force Friday pictures!


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Hollywood Reporter Confirms New Super Articulated 3.75" Figures!

8/31/2017 Force Friday II Hasbro The Last Jedi

We've finally received confirmation that Walmart will have another set of super articulated 3.75" figures. 

"Hasbro has a Black Series line that features 3.75-inches and for Force Friday will be unveiling an assortment pack that includes the Elite Praetorian Guard (with blade!), Resistance Tech Rose, Luke Skywalker and the Stormtrooper Executioner."

Luke Skywalker figure

Luke Skywalker figure

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New 3.75" Star Wars Figures Revealed

8/31/2017 Force Friday II Hasbro The Last Jedi

Yahoo Movies has revealed an onslaught of products coming for The Last Jedi. Their post included a look at new sets for Hasbro's 3.75" action figure line, check it out!

Star Wars

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Io9/Gizmodo Revealed New Hasbro 6" Black Series Figures!

8/31/2017 Force Friday II Hasbro The Black Series have revealed new Star Wars action figures in Hasbro's 6" The Black Series line! 

Supreme Leader Snoke will retail for $35 and it will be exclusive to Gamestop this Fall. 

The Elite Praetorian Guard will cost $20 and will be exclusive to

A 4-pack of figures titled "Guardians Of Evil" is a shared exclusive at Barnes'n'Noble, Gamestop and Disneystores! The set is an evolution set which shows he history of the Royal Guards from the prequels, the original trilogy to the sequels. The set will cost $80.

Walgreens will have the spirit of Obi-Wan Kenobi, the figure will cost $20. 

We've also heard rumors of Admiral Ackbar and a Force Awakens First Order Officer 2-pack coming to Toys'R'Us stores soon .. 

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The Black Series

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