New Kenner Star Wars Shirt At Lunchbox

8/27/2018 Kenner A New Hope

The love for Kenner in 2018 knows no boundaries! Toy Run listener John Quinton Hodges found a new Kenner Star Wars action figure T-Shirt at Lunchbox. It's currently on sale for $23.12 and available from Small to 2XL. Have a look below!

Kenner Star Wars TShirt

New Information About Dengar & Imperial Patrol Trooper Revealed!

8/27/2018 The Black Series Hasbro Dengar

British retailer has revealed new information about the up-coming Black Series 6" Dengar and Imperial Patrol Trooper figures. Besides a handful of new images they also revealed that Dengar will be available on December 3rd, 2018 and the Imperial Patrol Trooper will be out on October 26th, 2018. Expect to see both figures at around the same time in the United States. 

Black Series Dengar

Black Series Dengar