Q&A With Hasbro @ SDCC 2017!

7/21/2017 Hasbro San Diego Comic Con The Vintage Collection

Ryan Beise, our correspondent during San Diego Comic Con 2017, met the Hasbro Star Wars brand team and asked your questions to Hasbro's Joe Ninivaggi and Steve Evans. For a transcript of the conversation have a look here please: Hasbro Brand Team Interview @ San Diego Comic Con 2017

Q&A Hasbro Star Wars


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What Did We Learn From The Hasbro Panel

7/21/2017 San Diego Comic Con The Vintage Collection

Hasbro held a panel during San Diego Comic Con on Friday, July 21 2017 and here is what we learned from it: 

  • Force Friday II is coming on September 1st, 2017, but they want to keep it a surprise and not reveal too much about it
  • 4 exclusive pieces to the Landspeeder at SDCC (packaging, Luke has a finer soft-goods tunic, heavier deco on the vehicle and more details on the speeder)
  • SDCC Thrawn, all accessories except the blaster are exclusive to this set
  • The Death Star Diorama at SDCC was custom built over 4 months
  • The Black Series 6" Rebel Fleet Trooper will be released later in the year (removable helmet, vest, blaster)
  • The Black Series 6" Dewback will be released later in the year with a Sandtrooper riding it (the Dewback will have an articulated tongue)
  • The Black Series 6" Captain Rex will be released (removable helmet, they mapped Temuera Morrison's face onto the figure for incredible likeness, same price as before)
  • The Black Series 6" General Leia Organa will be released (removable jacket)
  • The Black Series 6" Maz Kanata will be released (comes with chest, you can open it, saber included and googles can be moved off and on Maz Kanata's eyes)
  • 3.75" 5POA Princess Leia Organa (Hoth Outfit) will be released
  • 3.75" 5POA Luke Skywalker (Hoth) with new Wampa will be released
  • 3.75" 5POA Darth Vader with new Probe Droid will be released
  • 3.75" compatible The Force Awakens Rathtar will be released
  • 3.75" 5POA Boba Fett and Han Solo (Bespin outfit) will be released (-> this was originally announced during Toy Fair New York)
  • 3.75" 5POA Darth Maul and Qui-Gon Jinn 2-pack will be released (both figures will have articulated wrists)
  • 3.75" 5POA Emperor Palpatine will be released with exchangable hands and force lighting
  • 3.75" The Vintage Collection, super articulated figures, classic characters which have never been done before
  • 3.75" The Vintage Collection, re-issues will include hard to find figures from before (not just from TVC)
  • 3.75" The Vintage Collection kicks off with #1 Rey (TFA), #2 Kylo Ren (TFA), #3 First Order Stormtrooper (TFA), #4 Dr. Aphra
  • 3.75" The Vintage Collection, Hoth Trooper will be re-released (no beard)
  • 3.75" The Vintage Collection, Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, Death Trooper will be rereleased
  • 3.75" The Vintage Collection Assault Tank Driver will be released
  • 3.75" compatible The Vintage Collection Assault Tank, will fit 2 figures, classic vintage design, it will be the right size, super detailed, coffee cup inside, 2 seats inside, real working treads, carries a Kyber Crystal cargo which can be opened
  • Forces Of Destiny Padme Amidala 11" figure from Attack Of The Clones will be released (squeeze legs, arms will move up)


Star Wars Panel


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