Hasbro Press Photos - A Look At Up-Coming Hasbro 6" Black Series Figures!

6/10/2017 Hasbro Press Photos The Black Series

We've uploaded Hasbro's Press Photos which were released during Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017. You've seen them here before, but they are now archived on the articles/events/galleries page. 

Take a look at them again, those are the figures which we'll be seeing soon!

Star Wars Hasbro Press Photos

Battlefront 2 Black Series Inferno Squadron Pilot Bundle And New Trailer!

6/10/2017 Star Wars Battlefront Hasbro The Black Series

Gamestop.com announced that a new Star Wars: Battlefront II Elite Trooper Deluxe Figure Bundle, which will include the game and the Black Series Inferno Squadron Pilot figure in one set, it will cost $102.99. 

In addition to the bundle, the 6" The Black Series action figure of the Inferno Squadron Pilot, which is based on the game and featured on the video game's packaging, will also be available individually. The figure will cost $19.99 and will be available exclusively at Gamestop/ThinkGeek stores during the Fall of 2017.

Here is a press photo of the figure, and don't forget to watch the new trailer below!

Inferno Squadron Pilot

New In The Database: The Black Series 6" Imperial Royal Guard

6/10/2017 The Black Series Hasbro Return Of The Jedi

Is it Emperor's Royal Guard or is it Imperial Royal Guard these days? Either way, Hasbro's 6" Black Series incarnation can now be found in the database, check it out:

The Black Series Imperial Royal Guard

Imperial Royal Guard Figure

New In The Database: The Black Series Qui-Gon Jinn

6/10/2017 The Black Series Hasbro The Phantom Menace

You can now find Hasbro's 6" The Black Series Qui-Gon Jinn in the database. The figure came with an extra left hand and a lightsaber with removable green blade. Get all the details about the figure here: 

The Black Series Qui-Gon Jinn

Black Series Qui Gon Jinn


Lots Of Old Stock At Toys'R'Us!

6/10/2017 Toys'R'Us Toy Run

While on a Toy Run yesterday we took some pictures of a local Toys'R'Us store in the Seattle, WA area. There was a ton of old stock still sitting on the shelves, including the Force Awakens Millennium Falcon, Tie Fighters from The Force Awakens and TFA basic assortment figures. There were still lots of Black Series 6" Constable Zuvios, Finns, Guavian Enforcers, Jyn Ersos and Cassian Endors (Eadu) figures, but at least they were 40% off. The 40th Anniversary figures were nowhere to be found with the exception of the Legacy Vader pack. The AT-ACT vehicle from the Rogue One toy line was marked as "clearance", but still cost $249.99. 

What do the shelves look like in your area?

Star Wars at TRU