4/20/2017 Hasbro Fan's Poll The Vintage Collection 2

Hasbro gave you the chance to vote for a character which you'd like to see made next as a 3.75" super articulated Star Wars figure in the up-coming The Vintage Collection 2 in 2018. Below are the results which we'll pass on to Hasbro. Voting will continue on StarWars.com, more details about that soon!

Every person had to type the name of the charcter they wanted to see made into the comments, this helped eliminate multiple "up-votes" on different characters and made it easy to spot multiple entries by the same person.

Here is our TOP 6:

Ben Skywalker

Luke Skywalker (from The Force Awakens)

Dr. Aphra

Tonnika Sisters

Dash Rendar

Pong Krell

Thank you to everybody who participated, may the Force be with you!




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Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast - Episode 55

4/20/2017 Toy Run Podcast Star Wars Celebration Orlando

Fresh from their whirlwind trip to Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida this past weekend, the hosts of TOY RUN bring you this special episode featuring their live recording of Hasbro’s Star Wars panel. Tune in a for a panel which not only received many a applause but even a standing ovation at one point. Tune is for some great reveals and we’ll break it all down next episode! Listen now and subscribe!

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