Italian Cinema Movie Box With Han Solo Action Figure!

3/22/2018 Hasbro The Last Jedi

Whaddayaknow!? Italien collectors had the opportunity to add a truly unique item to their collections. Last year when Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released in movie theaters Lucasfilm released a box set exclusively at Amazon Italy, which included two tickets to the movie, a BB-8 colored USB cable, a BB-8 colored charging cable for the car, BB-8 colored headphones and a Hasbro 3.75" Han Solo action figure! This set was numbered by hand and limited to only 500 pieces. 

Star Wars Italian Cinema Box

Italian Cinema Box

Exclusive Sail Barge Images!

3/22/2018 Sail Barge The Vintage Collection

We've received exclusive images of some of the painted details found on the Sail Barge! Have a look at the insane detail found inside the Barge, including trophies of the Rancor, the Ishi Tib and Gamorrean Guard head

Have a look at all the new images!

Sail Barge

New Sail Barge Info From Today's Google Hangout With Hasbro's Star Wars Team!

3/22/2018 Hasbro The Vintage Collection had the opportunity today to join a part of Hasbro's Star Wars team on a Google Hangout chat. Unfortunately we can't provide the audio or the video, but we have a summary of the conversation with new information about HasLab and Hasbro's Sail Barge below. The chat included Steve Evans (Design Director), Joe Ninivaggi (Marketing Director) and a man who doesn't need an introduction, Kenner/Hasbro design legend Mark Boudreaux! 

Google Hangout star Wars