Great Deals At Walmart!

3/17/2017 Walmart Hasbro The Black Series

Some Walmart stores across the United States have rolled back their prices on Hasbro Star Wars toys! The U-Wing Fighter and the Imperial Tie Striker can be found for $19.99 each, The Black Series 6" figures are marked down to $9.84, super articulated 3.75" Star Wars figures and 12" figures have been reduced to $5.84 each. Check out the pictures below!

Happy Hunting!

Star Wars Toys At Walmart

Star Wars Toys At Walmart

Star Wars Toys At Walmart

Star Wars Toys At Walmart

Hasbro's Star Wars App Broken?

3/17/2017 Hasbro Rogue One Go Rogue

Hasbro's Studio FX app, which in the past could be used to steer the AT-ACT vehicle, might be broken. Even though the app starts and is able to detect the AT-ACT vehicle, it is unable to connect to it so that users could steer the AT-ACT vehicle with it.

Do you own the AT-ACT? Have you experienced any trouble with the app? Let us know in the comments please!

Toy Run - The Star Wars Action Figure Cast - Episode 51

3/17/2017 Toy Run Podcast

On TOY RUN this week, the hosts bring listeners an exclusive interview with YouTube action figure reviewer Victoria from Victoria’s Cantina. Additionally, Criz Bee and Jake Stevens debate the possibility of Disney introducing competition for Hasbro in 2020, announce Jake’s panel at Celebration Orlando on the Collectors Stage, drool over fan swag, discuss the latest figure news from the past week and reminisce about the days of fruitful toy runs. All this plus a panel clip from Emerald City Comic Con and the collector’s calendar in Episode 51.

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