Fan Awards! Audience Choice Voting Is Open On!

11/2/2018 Star Wars Fan Choice Awards

You can now vote on for your favorite entries in Long Video, Short Video, Photography, and Visual Art! Voting will be open until November 13, and winners will receive the Audience Choice award. Winners will be announced on the offiical website in December 2018.

We've gathered all Star Wars action figure related images from the Photography entry for you here and they all look amazing! Star Wars action figures are also featured in several videos in the Long Video and Short Video sections. Head on over to the official website to watch them and to cast your vote for every category! 

The first image is called Scavenger and was done by Carlo V. In this picture I wanted to capture what Rey's days scavenging would look and feel like. I used a 3.75" Rey figure from The Vintage Collection and used recycled materials, such as pill bottles and other misc. “garbage” to create the debris around her and real fog to create the atmosphere.

Star Wars Fan Choice Award

Left Coast Graphics Kenner Hoth Stickers

11/2/2018 Kenner The Empire Strikes Back

Left Coast Graphics just released new information regarding their vintage Kenner-style HOTH stickers! They, just like all the other Kenner work from Left Coast Graphics, look amazing! Here is their Facebook page for more info!

Left Coast Graphics