Black Series 6" Figures @ The Disney Store Today!

11/1/2018 Disney Disney Store The Black Series

The Disney Store has new Black Series 6" figures for sale today including Black Series Zuckuss,  Stormtrooper with Blast Effect and the battle damaged Captain Phasma from Episode 8! Originaly all three figures were going to be Toys'R"us exclusives in the United States, but with TRU having gone out of business earlier in the year, those Black Series figures needed a new home! 

You can find all three figures on the Disney Store website and if you spend more than $75 you can use promo code SHIPMAGIC. for free shipping: Zuckuss, Stormtrooper at #24.95, Captain Phasma for $19.95, or pick them up in your local store (please call ahead to make sure they have them)

The Black Series At The Disney Store

The Vintage Collection Schedule UPDATE!

11/1/2018 The Vintage Collection Hasbro

Here is a complete look at Hasbro's The Vintage Collection schedule all the way up to Fall 2019. There are six figures which still need to be revealed and we will likely see them at New York Toy Fair 2019. The future looks bright for fans of Kenner packaging and super articulated action figures, check it out:

Officially Announced Figures

January 2019

Star Wars Vintage Collection

February 2019

  • VC000 Yak Face (and the Sail Barge) (the figure is identical to the basic VC132 Saelt Marae figure but on a Kenner-style Power Of The Force card with a collector coin. This was the very first HasLab project in 2017 and no, it will not be made available again to fans in the United States and Canada. There will however be a small number of Sail Barges made available to customers outside of the United States and Canada, but no specific information has been released yet)

The Vintage Collection Sail Barge