Toys'R'Us Is Still Alive, Now As Geoffrey’s Toy Box?

10/3/2018 Toys'R'Us

Toys'R'Us filed for bancruptcy a year ago and closed its doors in June of this year. About 31,000 people lost their jobs in the process. Now, according to a story published on and various other news outlets this morning, it seems that Toys'R'Us will make a comeback under Geoffrey's Toy Box!

Toys "R" Us had planned to auction off the rights to its name and the Babies "R" Us brand. Bidders had already made offers for them, according to the filing. But the company's owners decided to cancel the auction. The company said it is considering "a new, operating Toys 'R' Us and Babies 'R' Us branding company," the filing said. The plan would "create new, domestic, retail operating businesses under the Toys "R" Us and Babies "R" Us names, as well as expand its international presence and further develop its private brands business."

For the full story head to and we'll update you here on J.B. once new information becomes available. 


Star Wars Action Figure News!

10/3/2018 New York Comic Con NYCC Hasbro will be at New York Comic Con 2018! Our coverage will begin in the afternoon on Thursday, October 4th, 2018. Stay tuned for exclusive intel from the Hasbro Star Wars Brand team all throughout the weekend, including booth photos, press photos and of course our coverage of the panel on Sunday at 1pm EST. 

We do expect to see Star Wars action figures for Spring 2019, and we are hoping to get a glimpse at Star Wars Resistance action figures as well (pure speculation on our part). We should also get answers about the future of Force Link, The Black Series and The Vintage Collection! So stay tuned for more!