Here Is Everything We Know About The Black Series 2019!

1/1/2019 The Black Series Hasbro

By Christian "Criz Bee" Bortz

Here is a look at everything that we know thus far for The Black Series 6" line for 2019. We predict that we'll see most of the figures before the Summer is over, because Disney/Lucasfilm and Hasbro will certainly gear up for Star Wars: Episode IX in the Fall with figures based on the new Star Wars movie.

Let's take a look at what has been revealed so far. 

Black Series XL

Hasbro announced during New York Comic Con 2018 that a new format will join The Black Series family called Black Series XL. This gives us fans the opportunity to get figures in the Black Series which are bigger and taller. This is similar to the Gamorrean Guard and Moloch figures which are currently exclusively available at Target stores. With the bigger format however comes a bigger price, which will be $29.99. We don't know yet if those figures will be numbered.

The very first figure which we can look forward to is the fan-favorite General Grievous from Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith. The figure will come with a premium soft-goods cape which has pockets on the inside for all the lightsaber hilts. General Grievous will have two arms which can be extended out into a four arm battle stance and Hasbro will include four lightsabers and one droid blaster. The figure will be out in Spring 2019.

Black Series General Grievous